Gratias wines


Our grape variety:
Bobal as an unique raw material in a specific and distinctive landscape.

The native or autochtonous grape variety Bobal

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The native or autochtonous grape variety Bobal, is a red wine grape which is local from Utiel Requena and Manchuela areas. Its main characteristics are high production, good acidity and high levels of poliphenols (mainly anthocians).

Bobal is one of the most important varieties in Spain in which planted area refers. It´s the third red grape most cultivated, following Tempranillo and Garnacha. It defers from others that it´s only cultivated in a certain area.

Abroad from Utiel Requena and Manchuela, during our trips, we have only met a relative in the Italian island of Sandinia, where it´s named Bobale.

Historically Bobal wines have been used as bulk wines destined to travel from the Valencia´s dock far away to be mixed with other wines, because of its great characteristics of high color, good acidity and neutral flavours.

But since some years ago, some winegrowers and winemakers want to show the world´s consumers, that bobal grapes can make high quality wines, from young wines to aged wines.

It needs cares and affection to reduce the productions and improve the bunch structure. Also, the winemaking objectives change, in order to obtain complex and fine wines.

At last, we want to enhance the characteristics of bobal grapes to make the world´s best rosé wines, as well as Shiraz and Garnacha grapes. Making rosé wines with bobal grapes, it expresses all the fruitiness and freshness of the variety. Also, rosé wines are ideal for the Mediterranean cuisine.

…always 100% bobal…