Gratias wines


…gratias is the most personal project of Bodegas Gratias. Familia y Viñedos. It´s the expression of all the experiences and background lived during the last years.

Vendimia del vino Gratias

Everything began when one of us, Iván Gómez, decided to take care of the family´s vineyard, a small “majuelo”, only 0,5 has. It´s an old vineyard, bush vines and without any irrigation, all bobal grapes, planted by his grandfather more than 80 years ago in Alborea (Albacete, Spain), located in an area called Manchuela.

Vendimia del vino GratiasThis is a great challenge as it´s an area where it´s been made wine since long time ago, but always bulk wines.

Our aim is to show the great qualities of bobal variety grapes to make high quality wines, Premium wines. We make wines that express our terroir. We began making a top red wine aged in oak barrels during twelve months and we continued making a rosé wine fermented with oak and aged in its lees during three months.

Vineyard managing, pruning, treatments, harvest… is done by Bodegas Gratias team with great care, following the organic schemes, biodynamic philosophy and the area´s tradition.

Everything began in 2007, when Ana Gómez, Iván Gómez y José Gómez, joint together with some other friends related to wine´s world, in order to spend some party time together and make the first wine to put it in a barrel. The results of this first vintage were astonishing.

During 2008 we show and share this first wine with friends and colleagues. This is the beginning of a new stage for Bodegas Gratias, the most intimate and personal, we decide to accept the challenge of making a 100% bobal wine.

Vendimia del vino GratiasIn 2009 we begin the search for small winegrowers who cultivate old bobal vines, in order to find the essence of the area.

That´s the way how in 2009 …gratias maximas is born. An artisanal wine, extremely care handled.

Manual selection of clusters in field, manual pissage and fermentation in small tanks with an aging of 9 months in oak used barrels, in order to respect the variety´s soul.

In 2010, Iván Gomez´s mother encourages us to make a rosé wine, as this kind of wines are traditionally made a in Manchuela.

That´s how …gratias rosé is born. A fresh and full bodied rosé wine, made from a selection of bobal clusters, harvested and pressed by hand. It´s fermented with oak and aged in its lees in stainless steel tanks.

A rosé wine that after a time in the bottle expresses vivacity, purity, complexity and harmony.,in which tradition and modernity, past and present,are together to carry out an infinite path.

…step by step the path is done…