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triple twist

…gratias rosé label: why the triple twist?

Gratias roséIn 2010, Iván and Ana travelled to the most far away land, New Zealand, to discover and meet its heritage and landscapes, but also to work in wineries and get to know its winemaking working philosophy typical from “the New World winemaking industry”. During our trip we learned about mahori heritage, the first people who inhabited the island before the arrival of the English people in the XVIII century. It´s in one handcraft shop where Ana buys a triple twist symbol necklace.

It´s in 2010 when we make our first …gratias rosé because of Ivan´s mother wishes, as she loves this kind of wines, and the image of the triple twist symbol appears in scene.

This symbol represents the marriage between two people, between cultures forever and ever, because as time goes by, the relationships can change and live better and worse moments, but who decides to join this engagement will be tied by the laces of friendship and loyalty forever. The essence of the “triple twist” Maori symbol (NZ) that appears on the label of the bottle, in which tradition and modernity, past and present, are together to carry out an infinite path.

All this meanings symbolize the essence of all the people who work together to make …gratias rosé, respect, help, compromise, joints.