Gratias wines


Without technology but great amount of wit

Our project …gratias wines, started very slowly, but as a popular phrase says: “slow but sure”.

The first years, we made the wines in Ivan´s parents garage, in small tanks, freezing the wines with frozen bottles of water, or using a beer cooler for making the rosé wine. We had to invent the way of making quality wines without technical items, so with a lot of hope and effort, and thanks to Ivan´s father as the best cellarman, we made our first “garage wine”.

We import the concept of “maquila wine” from the New World

As time goes by and we increase the amount of wine produced because of market´s requirements, and following our philosophy of increasing slowly and making an artisanal wine, we move to a friendly winery as maquila.

Maquila means to rent a part of a winery to make wines different from the property, using our own grapes, winemaking rules and brands.

This way of working is not very usual at the moment in Spain, but it´s very used in New World´s areas in order to optimize the huge investment required to build a winery.

gratias wine

gratias wines

Bodegas Gratias. Familia y Viñedos

In 2015 we decided to bring the winery closer to the vineyards and set up our own winery in Casas Ibañez (Albacete), Bodegas Gratias. Familia y Viñedos.

In the cellar stainless steel is not the protagonist, it is mixed with the use of mud jars, both new and recovered, as well as with the use of wood, always being barrels used to respect the fruit.

The enological processes are handled in a way that respects the raw material to the maximum, minimizing the use of machinery that can stress the grapes. We use a manual vertical press and go back by sinking the hat by hand, which allows us to produce wines with greater guarding potential by reducing the use of preservatives such as sulfurous to zero in some wines.

It is a very visitable winery, with a social area to receive visitors, both wine tourism and friends, a space to organize events, mini-parties, training courses or parties, where children have their own space and are always welcome, we are one Children friendly winery. We want people to come and enjoy our illusion of making wine with us.